Backhoe Windshield, Window, Windscreen, Back Panel Door


Flex A Fab manufactures also for: * BACKHOE * BULLDOZER * COMPACTOR * CRANE * DUMP TRUCK * EXCAVATOR * FORKLIFT * LOADER * PILING RIG * ROAD ROLLER * SITE DUMPER * SKIDSTEER * TELEHANDLER * TOW TUG * TRACTOR Made of 3/16" to 1/2" specialized high optical quality clear shatterproof material with a hard coat on both side comparable to glass. Can be drilled for wiper holes. Replace factory glass with a Flex A Fab shatterproof Materials to provide increased Safety ~ Durability ~ Performance Replacement windows are formed to duplicate the OEM glass shape and trim (including hardware mounting holes if necessary) The hard coated material gives nearly the same level of abrasion resistance of glass with these Performance Advantages: * 1/2 THE WEIGHT * 250 TIMES STRONGER * REDUCED NOISE * INCREASED LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE * DECREASED SUMMER HEAT GAIN * DECREASED WINTER HEAT LOSS. The hard coated shatterproof material replacement is tough compared to glass, plexiglass, general Lexan or any common clear plastics. For information call 800-401-8199 or email